Tuesday, April 21, 2009

19 April 2009

A date I'll always remember.I love you Qiida

Monday, February 16, 2009


Writing songs sure is difficult =,= but with my life having it's recent downs,I guess you could say I'm getting more inspiration after what happened.Will be hearing more music from me :D

And before i forget,Happy 1 year anniversary (16 Feb) to Fizah Hamzah & Haadi Mahari.Appreciate what you guys have and don't throw it easily.

Loving is easy.Understanding is hard

Half The Girl

My love, my love, I thought about you day and night
When I was driving home to find your window light was on
And you were waiting for me
My love, my love, where were you when the sorrow fell?
Were you busy being someone else who would never love how I do?

And after all you're not half the girl I thought I love
And after all, you're not half the girl I loved
You're not half the girl at all

My love, my love they taught you how to step in line
But they will dress you up and they will make you blind to who you were to be
My love, my love I thought I picked you from a crowd
But now, you're nothing I can't live without and you'll keep fading away

And after all all you're not half the girl I thought I loved
And after all you're not half the girl I loved
You're not half the girl at all

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So today I woke up at 8 again and took my shower so I can go to SMMSA,since the PTE form needed 2 referees,i chose Mottie Kimmie (my English Teacher) and Hjh Rostinah (Chemistry Teacher) as referees so after taking their signature,I went to PTE B with Fathul so I can choose the subjects I will be taking.As we reached our destination,Fathul left me all alone for Pijah(haha rindu ku mua mu hahaha) and so I went into the hall and discuss with the teachers there.I had a talk with the sociology teacher and i was kinda interested in it so i took it.The subjects I'm taking for A'levels are English Literature,Sociology & Mathematics.After all of this was done we went to St.Andrews School to pick up Fizah & Hajidah and then finally went home.We also had a friendly DOTA match at my house and I finally know how to use Lich.Well this is where I say goodbye so Goodnight!!! :D

To Eqah,get well soon from your tummy ache yea?I miss poking your tummy hahaha 0:p and Goodnight to you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bloody Monday

Today I woke up at 8-ish because of Fathul.He wanted to go to school to take his application form and mine so I took a shower and after that Fathul drove us there.The 1st time we went in the office,the teacher wasn't there and she would be available at 9:30 so we left and went to JPD so I can register for my driving lisence.As we were leaving JPD we got involve in a very tiny accident so it was no big deal :) Au thul,lawa your lisence plate ah ahhaha.We went to school again but the teacher said we couldn't apply through the school said we had to be in school for more than six months(the fuck?nobody told us anyway).So we went back to my house and discuss it with my mom.It looks like things were getting worse but thanks to mom,it was getting better.Finally we went back to school again for the 3rd time today and we were able to get our application forms.PTE for me and MD for Fathul.Well,this is what happened on a monday morning.I'm gonna cut my hair today so i'm wondering what's gonna happen this afternoon. =,=

Thank You very much Mom.Couldn't have done it without you. :D

To Fathul my childhood friend,after 12 years of being in the same school together (not counting when I went to UK) we finally went our separate ways.Haha goodluck in form six :)

Left For Dead

Left 4 Dead
Somehow,I'm hooked on the game Left 4 Dead (L4D).It's a first-person horror game created by Valve(creators of Counter-Strike).I've been playing it for weeks now and today,I finally tried its versus mode and the best part of it is being "The Infected".The goal for "The Survivors" is to survive the whole ordeal and reach a safe room while the goal for "The Infected" is to kill all four survivors.Can't wait to play it again and hopefully i want this game for my desktop ASAP.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

GCE O'Levels Nov 2008

I finally got a C for my Bahasa Melayu.I'm so happy.Congrats to those who pass and better luck next time to those who couldn't get through.Now all I have to do is apply for form 6 at PTE and I can't wait for school :D

What I got for O'lvl
  • English A1
  • Bahasa Melayu B.M C
  • Geography B3
  • Biology C5
  • Maths B4
  • P.O.A U9
  • Chemistry D7
  • Physics D7